Finished Buttons



Cazmo Mayor’s

Atlas’ Button!


V’s Button!

Themick777’s Button!

Gamerz’ Button!

Penguevr’s Button!

Jimbercane’s Button!


Instructions here:

1. Copy your button.

2. Paste it as a post but do not post. There should be a button in the top right corner saying Visual and HTML. Click HTML

3. Now, you should see a huge code. COPY that WHOLE CODE and don’t post it.

4. Go to your DASHBOARD > MANAGE > WIDGETS > Add a TEXT thing and paste that code. Now click save you you should have your button! Congrats!

“If you don’t like it, we will re-do it!”


7 responses

19 07 2008

its v on bros wp acc, thanks 4 the button its gr8


22 07 2008

Thanks for making me one but can u make it a little smaller it wont fit as a widget. You cant see it all when I put it in lol. Thanks.


23 07 2008

WOW! Rocked, you have done ALOT OF GOOD ONES! I am still not able to get on very often but I will SOMETIMES. Thanks! C ya on Cazmo!


27 07 2008

I W Would Like A Pc Button Ill Add You To My Blogroll…Just Leave a Comment On

1 08 2008
Lizard Guy

i want a button for my site CazmoPlanet. I’ll take a backround from my house and i want impact mt shadow for my font. i will be very happy if you do this for me.


Lizard Guy

1 08 2008
Lizard Guy

and i’ll take yellow font.

5 08 2008

can i have one too?? ill just have a light blue backround and any font that is cool. you pick. and can you have the button say: “visit nuttins sweet site!”

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