23 07 2008

Hey everyone! I am terribaly sorry that I have not been on for a while. This is because I am on vacation and will not be getting on pc or any websites for a week or two. Thank you For understanding. Also, Rocked has been doing a great job! THANK YOU. You have made some great buttons! C ya on Cazmo!




17 07 2008

If you want a button, please ask for the backround and font please.  Either Goop or I will send you an e-mail or contact you in Planet Cazmo of the time and date of your pic. Thank you.


Get Your PC Buttons Here!

8 07 2008

Hello Cazmos! This is Goopergoop and Rocked01’s Planet Cazmo Button Company! Here you can order buttons for your site, tell us how you want the design, and we’ll make it! If we make you a button, you have to add us to your blogroll if you have one. Here we go!
Rocked’s site
Goop’s site