Get Your PC Buttons Here!

8 07 2008

Hello Cazmos! This is Goopergoop and Rocked01’s Planet Cazmo Button Company! Here you can order buttons for your site, tell us how you want the design, and we’ll make it! If we make you a button, you have to add us to your blogroll if you have one. Here we go!
Rocked’s site
Goop’s site




7 responses

8 07 2008
Cazmo Mayor

Cool I want one, just make something awesome that will amaze me because idc how it is. Make it the best one ever!!!

Goop: I’m working on yours right now!

9 07 2008

i wanna button

Goop: Well tell me what size, theme, color of font, font, and if you would like your cazmo on it. If you don’t want your cazmo on it then I will make it really fast as soon as you reply to this message.

14 07 2008

I would like one Im not sure of a size not big just to fit as a widget on my sidebar. Yes please put my pic on it. I guess make it blue ( doesnt matter ) regular font just like this. Thanks so much!!!

Themick777 can u make a link to my site on it

24 07 2008

hello nice company guys!!!!!
Can you make a button for me??? I want the button just to fit the widget on my slidebar. I dont care about the colour. And I dont want my cazmo on the button.My site is: , when you finished the button please leave a comment in my site.

8 08 2008

The size should be a rectangular shape, the font should be Comic Sans MS, and the Color could be anything. The link it should go to is,

8 08 2008

Can u make me one?

11 08 2008

Can you make one for me?


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